Glad to meet you ♡ Welcome to SIS ACADEMY, a little space where I share my learning journal, creative works and life experience.

About Me

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I am

As a digital creator and full-time marketer I wear many hats, but the Sis Academy was born from a passion for learning and writing.

I’m a ’95 liner who always curious about the world I’m living in – culture, nature, literature and science. I learn something new almost everyday and used to write it down on my notebooks. Now I write it on this little corner of the Internet. 

I am so honoured that I get to share my life with a community of people who love learning just as much as me.


I studied Geology at Chulalongkorn University and ever since going over several mountains for the geological field works, I’ve had a serious case of the mountain bug and an obsession with extreme adventure activities.

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Marketing & Start-up is my work field.

In a span of 4 years, I’ve been working in digital marketing – data-driven campaign, communications, social media, paid marketing, SEO and influencers.

Science is everything in my school life. I had non-business background nor marketing skill. Fortunately, I met a lot of amazing and kind people at my first company, ShopBack – they not just gave me the opportunities but also taught me from zero. Bring out my strength which are data analytic and logical thinking to apply to marketing work and run successful campaigns.

That made me love working at startup. Since then, I worked for 4 startups.

ShopBack (2017 – 2019)

cashback & discovery platform

Shopee (2019 – 2020)


LINEMAN (2020)

food delivery

HotPlay (2020 – Present)

in-game advertising


Coming Soon

I’m orgnazing a bunch of my creative work folders (digital templates and Lightroom presets), marketing work track records, coding and data science works that I did for the past 5 years. I’ll gradually public them soon. 🙂


Click to read course review/summary – sorted by date that I finished the course

  1. What is data science, IBM
  2. Tools for data science, IBM
  3. Data Science Methodology, IBM
  4. Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python, IBM
  5. 20202703_Intro to data science.pdf, IBM
  6. Data Science Math Skills, Duke University
  7. SQL for Data Science, UC Davis
  8. SQL for data science, UC Davis
  9. Introduction to Google SEO, UC Davis
  10. Intro to Search Engine Optimization, UC Davis
  11. Google SEO Fundamentals, UC Davis
  12. Optimizing a Website for Google Search, UC Davis
  13. Advanced content and social tactics to optimize SEO, UC Davis