Google Sheets Marketing Planner & Report Templates

8 Google Sheets Marketing Plan & Report Templates that I Use Every Day

Google Sheets is a simple and powerful tool that makes me feel like a marketing rockstar! I’ve been using it for the past 4 years of work experience in digital marketing for eCommerce and digital advertising businesses. 

Recently, I’ve organized the files and found more than 100+ Google Sheets marketing templates for planning and reporting in my Google Drive. 

We all know that getting started and finding the right templates is not easy (and wastes so much time!). An effective template should be a concise, easy-to-understand, visualized summary of data and deliver insights to help us make better decisions. 

In order to save you time, I would like to share the ready-made Google Sheets marketing planning & reporting templates that I really use for my day-to-day work.

I’ve organized them in the following categories so you if you’re looking for something specific you can jump to the right section:

Marketing Plan Templates

1. Marketing Campaign Planner/Project Planner

This is the ultimate template that I have been using the most as a campaign marketer for initiating campaigns and tracking working processes.

It includes campaign details, budget plan, communication plan in owned media, paid media and earned media, and team’s tasks.

2. Social Media Planner

Some key strategies to get marketing campaigns the most out of social media platforms are clear communication to the right audience on the right platforms and posting quality content on a consistent basis. Thus, a solid plan and editorial calendar is a must! 

This template helps you plan the social media calendar and content on various platforms, track working processes, and allow other teams easily check and book available slots on social media.

I usually plan content and schedule a month in advance and never forget to reserve some spots for ad hoc requests (which usually never enough! 😂)

3. Blog Content & SEO Keyword Planner

Blog is one of the essential marketing activities that significantly drive website traffic and boost brand awareness. Moreover, some types of content like product reviews or case studies also can boost sales conversion and lead generation. No matter what the content types are, SEO is the key to help people find your blog on search engines.

Thus, my blog content planner template always includes SEO keyword research.

4. Marketing Plan & Budget

This template provides visibility into both the goals of the marketing team and marketing activities/plan to achieve those goals.

There is also budget and spending tracker to check how much it will cost to hit the target.

Once we create marketing plans, execute and launch campaigns, here comes the best part: campaign analytics and performance optimization! 😍 As a data enthusiast, I keep tracking campaign results on a daily or weekly basis to see how my team’s efforts are going, what went well, what didn’t go well and how we can optimize it.

Marketing Reporting Templates

1. Campaign Analysis Report

This is my ultimate campaign report template that allows my team to see day-on-day, week-on-week and month-on-month change in key metrics such as impressions, clicks, cost, conversion rate and more.

2. Website & Social Media Analytics Report

This report template demonstrates overall performance and KPIs for social media on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Also, keep tracks of key metrics such as impressions, engagements, followers and page reaches.

You can easily compare the results of each post, summarize key findings and list action plans to optimize the performance.

3. Influencers Performance Report

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest investments for campaigns. So, it’s critically important to closely monitor and effectively measure their performance based on the campaign objectives.

This template includes influencer cost & performance, campaign brief sheet and publish timeline. It’s easy to compare which ones perform well and which ones doesn’t go well.


4. Customer Service Report

Before I started working as a digital marketer, I was responsible for customer service for 6 months which was the crucial experience that shaped me into the customer-centric marketer as I am today. 

Thus, this is an extra template for customer service tracking on various channels like email, call, live chat and FB messenger. The key metrics include first reply time, satisfaction rate, total messages and more.

You can also summarize the top issues, the most frequently asked questions from customers and how to optimize the performance.

If you have any good templates to share with marketing fellows, drop them in a comment below!