Enjoy the Journey of 2022 | Free Digital Planner + Digital Stickers

✦ Digital Download
✦ Digital File Types: PDF, PNG
✦ Compatible with Goodnotes and Notability (iPad), Noteshelf (iPad and Android), Penly and Xodo (Android only)
✦ Easy navigation via hyperlinks
✦ Size: A3 (16.5″ x 11.7″)

➤ 1 x digital planner for 2022 : goal planner, year plan, monthly calendar, weekly planner, daily journal and habit tracker
➤ 50 digital stickers

• DO NOT sell, reproduce, or distribute for profit.
• Feel free to share it with the copyright credit ©SIS ACADEMY.

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Are you ready for the 2022 chapter? Let’s enjoy the journey! I’ve been using GoodNotes for digital planning and note-taking since last month. It’s fantastic! So I decided to make my first digital planner and give it to you as a gift for 2022. Thank you for coming to SIS ACADEMY 🙂

The primary colors used in the design are baby blue, baby pink and lavender. These soothing eye-candy palettes communicate optimism, joy, peace and lively, all of which I’m wishing for you.


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